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The Speech, by Scott Deatherage

The Speech — Scott Deatherage

(1) Choose.

(2) Offense, offense, offense.

(3) Clash.

(4) It’s all about the link.

(5) Control the framework of the debate.

(6) Cover smart.

(7) Make every argument count.

(8) Anticipate and know.

(9) Style and substance.

(10) Narrate and judge the debate.

(11) Teamwork.

(12) Prepare to win.

(13) Focus and concentration.

In conclusion:

  1. “When I try to single out from the long line of students one group who will stand out as intellectually the best, the best in college work, the best in promise of future intellectual achievement. As much as I would like to do so I cannot draw the line around my own favorite students of philosophy, nor those of mathematics, biology, or other fields. Nor could I fairly award the palm to the accomplished students of Phi Beta Kappa. It seems to me that stronger than any other group in intellectual fiber, keener in intellectual interest, better equipped to do battle with the coming challenges, are the debaters. Those who band together with friends from other schools searching for the solutions to great challenges.” —Alexander Mickleback.
  2. “Never be afraid of taking calculated risks in your own personal life. Be willing to work longer and harder at your craft than the next person. Never settle for being good at something when you can be great. Learn to be hard on yourself when you don’t quite give it your best, and easy on yourself when your best isn’t quite good enough. Know that feeling means only that you did not achieve your desired good, and the sooner as you take the word ‘can’t’ out of your vocabulary, the better.” — anonymous University of Northern Iowa graduate.
  3. “I would do it all again. Not for any particular tournament or trophy, not for specifics of any topic, not even for the intellectual benefits that debate bestows upon its participants critical thinking, and so forth. I would do it all again for the chance to work with hardworking, dedicated, and committed students like those assembled in this room.” — Scott Deatherage.




Legal affairs reporter in San Antonio for and copy editor for the San Antonio Current. I’m told I have a “print personality.”

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Daniel Conrad

Daniel Conrad

Legal affairs reporter in San Antonio for and copy editor for the San Antonio Current. I’m told I have a “print personality.”

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